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Traditional RC controlled flight typically requires the operator to have physical possession the RF transmit radio linking the Ground Controller to the UAV. The operator is usually in an open area exposed to the environment while mostly remaining in a fixed location to maintain one or more reliable RF links.

Today's mixed RC and WiFi RF link technologies for Control Uplink, Telemetry Downlink, and Video Downlink are typically implemented as disparate systems. Managing and extending separate RF Links between UAV's and existing off the shelf ground based controller technology can be problematic.

Garrock LLC has been field testing various Extensible Range Extender solutions to increase RF Link Performance, Usability, downlink mission data in near real time, and automate Operator Fail-safe Actions.

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As UAV's continue to expand possibilities, their readiness to fly becomes vital.  

To maintain a high state of readiness, ground based battery management systems that can charge, discharge, stand up and stand down, provide environmental protection, and track individual battery history and performance become important aspects of life cycle management.

Garrock LLC is developing a unique and practical solution ensuring the first flight, every flight, is powered from a known and reliable battery power source.

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Payload as Implement 

The objective of any UAV flight is to fly a Mission Payload Package.  Payloads are quite expensive or unique to application.

UAV's are "Air Tractors" and payloads should be considered "Implements".

Ideally, payload-implements should be UAV platform agnostic. Quick connect adapters can make payload-implement swap-out more universal between UAV's; like a farm tractor Power Take Off coupling. 

Near Field wireless communications technology reduces hard wires to perhaps only a power coupling between UAV and Implement. 

Garrock, LLC's objective is to promote Payload-Implement standardization and participate in the market. 

Vehicle Storage

Like other vehicles, UAV's require safe storage too. They need protection from the elements and during transport. 

When needed, UAV's are deployed to perform mission objectives. After the mission, they are captured, secured, and optionally cycled back to storage. Once secured, battery management and charging can occur. 

Humans are currently an integral part of the process loop to Deploy, Capture, Secure, and Store UAV's.

UAV's seem to rely less on humans while airborne than when grounded. 

Garrock LLC is developing various solutions from simple carry cases to fully automated systems.