Timeline/Participation Events:

January 2013: Garrock LLC created DroneMod.com for marketing improved antenna systems. 

April 2013: exhibit booth at the second annual Ohio UAS Conference

October 2013: attended and displayed at the DARC Event held in New York City.

July 2014: attended the Precision Aerial Ag Show  in Decatur Illinois. 

August 2014: attended the third annual Ohio UAS Conference

June 2015: obtained FCC and IC grants for the REDbird 5.8ghz RC Link Module

August 2015: fourth annual Ohio UAS Conference

September 2015: exhibit booth at the first annual InterDrone Expo in Las Vegas NV. 
March 2016: Release the REDbird Repeater product for the Phantom 2 Vision+ (soon the Phantom 3 Standard)

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Garrock, LLC.
Enabling Platform Purpose


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Garrock, LLC was established in January 2013 and is located in Columbus, Ohio USA.

Garrock LLC was founded to participate long term in the UAV marketplace. As certain markets are yet realized, Garrock currently participates in markets providing UAV personal use products and services. 

Before incorporating, we began our endeavor by monitoring activity generated by the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012. As FAA mandates unfold, Garrock LLC will continue to identify and position itself into existing and emerging marketplaces that fit its core focus.

In August 2012 we attended out first AUVSI show in Las Vegas, NV to discover more about market potential and where to begin market participation.

Then something happened. We became UAV personal use enthusiasts. We support democratizing this emerging technology and promote how people can better utilize its potential; for useful and productive purposes and not just for large corporation, government, or military.